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Brew En Route Coffee

Loveramics Dripper

Loveramics Dripper

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If you love experimenting with different coffee flow rates while brewing, you will love our Loveramics Dripper.

Made to combine efficiency with artistic appeal, our Loveramics Drippers come in variants of three embossment patterns to represent three brewing flow rates: strong (slow), smooth (medium), and mellow (fast).

Each porcelain dripper was designed in the United Kingdom by the infamous Simon Stevens, for visual allure, and from premium, easy-to-clean ceramic. 

Additional details:
Pairs well with: Loveramics stainless steel dripper stand (sold separately) 
Fits most 4-Cup size 60-degree cone-shaped (Hario V60-02) paper filters (sold separately) 
Dimensions: ø4.5" x H3.15" x ø1.1" outlet | ø115mm x H80mm x ø28mm outlet

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