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Loveramics Dripper Stand

Loveramics Dripper Stand

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For added stability to your Loveramics Dripper or any other cone-shaped dripper, our Loveramics Stand belongs in your coffee pantry.

Made for durability by English ceramics designer, Simon Stevens, our Loveramics Stand comes with a detachable silicone ring to secure a perfect finish for your brewing dripper by keeping it in upright position.

Avoid spillovers with these reliable stainless steel stands in colour variants of PVD-coated matte black and metallic!

Additional details:
Materials: Stainless steel, silicone
Dimensions: ø4.7" x H1" x ø1.9" ring | ø120mm x H25mm x ø49mm ring
Inner base measures 2.36" | 6cm in diameter, and corresponding server opening must be at least this wide.

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