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Brew En Route Coffee

Coffee Drip Bag (50 pack, filter only)

Coffee Drip Bag (50 pack, filter only)

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Are you a coffee lover who wants to cut down on brew time and post-brew clean up? Indulge in some quality coffee using our biodegradable, compost- certified coffee drip bag filters!

Made for convenience, our drip bag filter brews coffee quickly and efficiently even without a coffee machine.  All you need is hot water, a coffee mug (or server), and your favourite Brew En Route Coffee beans.

Our drip filters are also great for use in the office, at home, during travels, and as a gift for all occasions.

Additional Details:

Suggested holdable dose: 10- 12g
Dimensions: 74mm x 90mm
Material: PLA (biodegradable)
Made in Japan

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