Traveller's Collection

Take us with you on every journey!

Whether you're going camping, backpacking, to the cottage or your backyard 'office', our Travel Coffees are your perfect coffee companion :)

  • User & Travel Friendly
  • Brew Fresh Coffee on demand
  • No fancy tools or equipment needed

100% Roasted & Packaged in Canada.

Immerse yourself in every adventure and make coffee runs & lineups a thing of the past!

Need some guidance? Check out our ➡️ Travel Coffee Brew Guide!

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Coffee Collection

Looking for smooth, flavourful coffee? We've got you covered!

As a Canadian Small Batch Specialty Coffee Roaster, we do our utmost to roast each coffee to perfection-- bringing out the unique flavour notes of each coffee origin and terroir :)

  • No Artificial additives, added natural flavours or enhancers.
  • No Flavoured syrup or oil coatings.
  • No Roasting or post- roasting infusions.

100% Roasted & Packaged in Canada.

Awaken your palate & inner barista!

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Coffee Gear

Looking to 'up' your coffee experience? Check out our Coffee Gear Collection!

With a focus on innovation and ease of use, we've tried and tested numerous products to bring you our current Coffee Gear Collection.

Whether you're brewing coffee at home or En Route, our tools and equipment are sure to elevate your coffee lifestyle.

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