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Geisha | Granja Paraíso 92, Colombia | Coffee Beans

Geisha | Granja Paraíso 92, Colombia | Coffee Beans

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If you are looking to up your coffee experience and venture into the world of fruity coffees, this one-off Geisha is a must- try!

Known for its sweet, fruity- floral flavour notes, Geisha (also spelled ‘Gesha) is a unique coffee variety that is highly sought- after by coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

As one of the fruitiest coffees in our current collection, our Geisha coffee makes for a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.  Complex and flavourful,  our high- altitude Geisha will surely take you on an unforgettable coffee adventure!

To preserve our Geisha’s unique and delicate notes passionfruit, apple, and green mango, the roast profile of this coffee is kept at a light roast, making for a fruity, jam- like experience.


Grown and produced by family farm (Granja) Paraíso 92, Wilton Benetiz’s 26 + years of experience in the coffee industry makes him a leader in the practice of innovative and experimental farming processes and systems such as drip irrigation, lab nutrition count, sun/shade plant environment etc.  

With their in-house  coffee processing plant and laboratories, microbiology experimentation, quality control, and inventive coffee processing methods have become the core signature of this specialty coffee producer.


Roasting Profile: Light Roast
Tasting Notes: Passionfruit, Apple, Green Mango
Origin: Cauca, Colombia
Processing: Washed Anaerobic
Altitude: 1990 m.a.s.l.
Weight: 100g | 220g | 1kg

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