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Brew En Route Coffee

Puck Screen/ Espresso Shot Screen

Puck Screen/ Espresso Shot Screen

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A popular tool for home baristas. 

Engraved with the Brew En Route Coffee logo, puck screens have made their way into the routines of many espresso lovers.  

Functioning as a spacer, this sieve-like filter is placed on top of tamped espresso pucks to even out water pressure distribution during espresso extraction. Puck screens protect your machine's shower (ie. dispersion screen) and brew head from trapping and clogging.

Adding a puck screen will help reduce channeling, coffee puck erosion, AND lifting coffee grounds, resulting in more even and balanced extractions.

Additional Details: 
Sizes available: 54mm, 58mm
Material: Stainless Steel, 316 Marine Grade
Mesh: 150µm mesh
Thick: 1.7mm

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