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Timemore Glass Canister (1200ml)

Timemore Glass Canister (1200ml)

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Fresh beans make for fresh coffee, and what better way to keep your beans fresh than with our Timemore Canister?

With your convenience in mind, our 1200ml capacity Timemore Canister is designed from high borosilicate glass and a plastic black lid with buttons for controlling the lid and regulating the air pressure inside. This keeps your coffee beans in fresh-as-new condition for as long as the canister is stored in a ventilated, dry place. 

The Timemore Canister is practical, sleek, and versatile as it can store other types of dry food.

Additional details:
Capacity: 1200ml canister holds up to 480g (17oz) of coffee beans
Dimensions: 10 cm x 10 cm x 21.2 cm
Material: High borosilicate glass, plastic


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